Welcome to Aurora Parkour donation store.

In this store you can purchase ranks and skip level money!


Hey there! Welcome to the Aurora Parkour donation store. Donating means real money. So this doesn't mean you can buy items with Skip Level Money or any other form of in-game money. In this store you can purchase skip level money and ranks that comes with some pretty cool things! Please make sure to enter your username correctly otherwise you won't recieve your rank!


We currently accept payments through:




Refunds and Chargebacks are not allowed on Aurora Parkour, if you do request a refund or chargeback you will be permanently banned on Aurora Parkour and you will no longer be able to play. If you ever have issues with any related to your donation make sure to contact a staff member in-game or contact us via discord here.




Aurora Parkour is not affiliated with Mojang, AB.